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Predicting Yield
View simple graphs or tables depicting your crop’s anticipated yield response to the water and nitrogen you’re proposing to apply.
Yield in the Potato Calculator is expressed as the gross weight of potato tubers after harvest. This is shown in your choice of weight units and presented both in simple tables and graphs.

CropLogic predicts anticipated yield using its underlying scientific engine of plant response algorithms. It uses grower inputs of plant water availability (soil type x rooting depth), plant variety, time of planting, nitrogen available and average climate for your location. Climate includes temperatures, wind speed, air pressure and solar radiation. Material variations in climate or rainfall patterns, difficulties with pest or disease management, and other external variables may affect CropLogic’s predicted outcomes.

Potential yield prediction does not automatically account for pest or disease impact or other catastrophic events such a sand storm, hail or prolonged soil saturation. However, the impact of pest and disease and catastrophic events can still be accommodated by adjusting a special index provided, called the Green Area Index.
Seed quality, other fertilisers and general crop management are assumed to be non-limiting on yield.

CropLogic will predict maturity date and the predicted yield at each stage prior to the maturity date. This prediction can be completed pre season and as many times during the season as desirable. Alternative nitrogen and water application programmes can be evaluated and the anticipated yield response compared with programmes earlier considered or earlier implemented.

Compare yields predicted for your crops at the beginning of the season with current predictions. How close are you to reaching your predicted target? Could a variation in water and/or nitrogen application before harvest potentially make a difference? How much would making changes cost and how much potential revenue in return might you expect? Let CropLogic help to shed light on these key crop management decisions.

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